How should I store my meals?

  • Long term storage - vacuum pack it and store in freezer. Do not open the container until the food is at room temperature, otherwise it will create condensation inside the bag and get moist.
  • Short upcoming trip - store in the smallest, lightest available zipper bags in the refrigerator until departure. Always let cold food get to room temperature before opening the bag.
  • For resupply cache or longer trips - vacuum pack with food-safe oxygen absorber and desiccant packet. Repack into smaller, lighter zipper bags upon resupply.

We take a paranoid precautionary level of prevention when it comes to storing meals. The preferred method is simply zip top sandwich or freezer bags; it allows the food to breath with the environment and exposed to oxygen giving it the opportunity to grow mold and spoil. This spoilage occurs first and is visible to the eyes and nose and will indicate that the food should not be consumed. Food stored in a vacuum bag will result in longer shelf life, but can also become a breeding ground for foodborne illnesses that thrive in moist oxygen-free environments, like botulism, which may not alter the taste or smell of the food. To be safe, we store foods in vacuum bags with oxygen absorbers and desiccant packets to remove every last bit of oxygen and moisture.