Harmony House textured vegetable protein
Textured vegetable protein, TVP, might be the best backpacking protein. It’s a bold claim, but I stand by it!
Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit dehydrated vegetables
If you haven’t already noticed, I heavily advocate for the purchase and use of a dehydrator. I believe it allows you to prepare and bring backpacking meals on trips that go beyond simple sustenance. To me, good tasting food is as important as a good tent or good shoes; it adds to the outdoor experience. You’re welcome to disagree though, many people are happy eating no-cook meals and munching on nuts and dried fruit for days on end.
Backpacking stove fuel
There are certain factors and preferences that might lead you to use one fuel over another. In order to determine what fuel to use you need to evaluate your backpacking itinerary, your meal plan (is it just add water or do you need to simmer?), and decide what’s important to you and what you’re willing to sacrifice in exchange for it.
grocery store bulk bin
Not everyone has a dehydrator or even the slightest inclination to buy one. It can be a large investment, financially and physically--they’re not the smallest things in the world. But at the end of the day, you still have to eat!
Infographic: choosing a dehydrator in 5 easy steps
Buying a dehydrator may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty easy. There are a wide range of options from various manufacturers that clock in at equally various price points; but they are vastly different in terms of features and options that it’s pretty easy to rule out one dehydrator for another.
backpacking flatware
When it comes to backpacking gear, and most things in life, I don’t believe in an all-around “best” anything. There are very few things that are the best at everything. There’s typically a compromise somewhere, and this holds true for the majority of backpacking equipment as well.
instant coffee packets
If you’re a coffee drinker like me, then your day doesn’t start until after a cup of coffee or four; and this doesn’t change when out backpacking either.
peak milk powder and nido milk powder
Never has a face off been this exciting! This is the Super Bowl of cream, the World Cup of dairy, the Indy 500 of moo juice; where one brand will reign supreme as the champion of powdered milk!
Spaghetti in one form or another is probably the most popular camping food known to man. So simple, yet so delicious, filling, nutritious, and most importantly for those of us who spend inordinate amounts of time in the woods, easy!
Carnation, Peak, and a glass of milk
Friends, if you want to quench your thirst and satisfy your body with a nice glass of milk after a grueling day of hiking, then boy do I have something to show you!