410 grams of chopped celery on a scale
chopped celery on a dehydrator tray
24 grams of dehydrated celery



Dry Time 

6-12 hours

Wet Weight 

410 grams

Dry Weight 

24 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • The drying time for celery depends heavily on how thick it's cut and how much you're dehydrating.
  • Slice crosswise as thin as possible for increased dry time and better rehydrated texture.
  • If desired, remove the tough fibers from the celery with a peeler or paring knife. However, if sliced thin enough this is not at all an issue.
  • Contrary to popular belief it's not necessary to blanch or steam the celery prior to dehydration. It does improve the rehydrated texture, but the taste and flavor is not as good as raw.