199 grams of shrimp on a scale
shrimp on a dehydrator tray
31 grams of dehydrated shrimp on a scale



Dry Time 

4-5 hours

Wet Weight 

199 grams

Dry Weight 

31 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Use pre-cooked previously frozen shrimp for easy preparation.
  • Cocktail shrimp also works well.
  • Slice shrimp in half lengthwise to speed up dehydration.
  • Drying is complete when the shrimp is no longer pliable, it should be crunchy and easily broken.
  • Don't expect rehydrated shrimp to maintain a decent texture. It will taste like shrimp, but will have the texture of overcooked shrimp; it will even curl excessively like overcooked shrimp.
  • Use smaller shrimp because they'll be cheaper, dry faster, and rehydrate better.
  • Remove all shell and tails, making sure to devein thoroughly.