Canned Chicken Breast

290 grams of canned chicken on a scale
canned chicken spread on a dehydrator tray
86 grams of dehydrated canned chicken



Dry Time 

4-6 hours

Wet Weight 

290 grams

Dry Weight 

86 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Canned chicken is cooked under pressure and rehydrates better than typical cooked chicken.
  • Use only canned chicken breast packed in water, they're usually advertised as 'fat-free' and have a 2% fat content.
  • Even the 2% fat of canned chicken is quite greasy, rinsing under hot water before dehydrating will remove even more oils.
  • Be sure to break larger pieces of meat into smaller sizes; this can be done my just pressing on it since the chicken is so tender.
  • After dehydrating, look for pieces that are shiny or obviously greasy and discard them to increase storage life.
  • If you choose to cook your own chicken, be sure to cook it in a pressure cooker and use only breast meat.