Chicken Noodle Soup for the Backpacker's Soul

bowl of chicken noodle soup with peas, carrots, celery, and mushrooms
463 calories
135 grams

3.43 cal/g

35gdehydrated chicken125 cal
65gdehydrated egg noodles236 cal
3gdehydrated mushrooms10 cal
5gdehydrated onions22 cal
5gdehydrated celery13 cal
10gdehydrated peas and carrots27 cal
12g, 1 tbspchicken bouillon30 cal
0.25g, handfuldehydrated green onion0 cal
0.25g, handfuldehydrated cilantro0 cal
dashground pepper0 cal

Serving Size: 

ONE Adventurer


All items can be packaged in a single bag.

This isn't your momma's chicken noodle soup... unless you backpack frequently with your mom, in which case, I guess it could be. It's certainly not my mom's chicken noodle soup, but she was a big fan of Campbell's which is as far from homemade as it gets.

No matter who makes your chicken noodle soup, I think everyone can agree that it's a simple feel-good meal. It's the old standby cliche when you're sick, and there's actually some scientific attempts to explain why chicken soup is good for you. I'm not entirely convinced, but those folks are a whole lot smarter than me. All I know is that chicken noodle soup is delicious, filling, and makes me all warm and fuzzy after a long day of hiking.

While it's not the most calorie dense meal option available, it makes up for it in taste. Plus, you can just dump in a tablespoon of olive oil and it's good to go, or just eat more!

All the ingredients are completely natural, save for one, the chicken bouillon. I personally have no problems with it and actually quite like the taste (and more importantly, the convenience), but I do understand it's not the same as homemade broth/stock that's been simmered for hours. You'll just have to get over that, unless you want to make your own bouillon. Even though I'll dehydrate sour cream, Sriracha, and just about anything under the sun, bouillon is one of those things that doesn't make sense to me. The effort to reward ratio just isn't there.

If that's your thing though, don't let me tell you otherwise. Because I grew up with canned soup and I actually like the taste of Knorr bouillon, so my gastronomy barometer doesn't measure nearly as high. Regardless of your choice of bouillon, there's no arguing that this meal will hit the spot. I dare you to make this on a cold night at camp and not devour every last drop.


  1. Put 2 1/2 cups of water in your pot
  2. Add entire contents of meal into pot of water, making sure everything is completely submerged
  3. Simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add more water if necessary
  4. Let sit for 10 more minutes or until chicken and noodles are rehydrated