Pasta Sauce

jar of Ragu pasta sauce on a scale
pasta sauce spread on parchment paper before dehydrating
dehydrated sheets of pasta sauce



Dry Time 

6-8 hours

Wet Weight 

418 grams

Dry Weight 

66 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Canned pasta sauce is convenient, but homemade pasta sauce is even better for longer shelf life.
  • When making your own sauce, do not add any oil or meats that contain fat.
  • Avoid adding sugar to your sauce as too much will cause the sauce to be more leathery instead of brittle.
  • If spread thin and dried long enough the sauce can be turned into powder in a blender.
  • Do not put leathery sauce into a blender or food processor, it will gum up your blades and turn into a sticky mass, cut it into strips instead.
  • Pasta sauce should be dehydrated at the same time and temperature as a fruit leather.
  • Flip halfway through drying and smear any wet spots onto already dry spots.
  • Parchment paper is actually better than ParaFlexx or solid silicon sheets because it absorbs moisture and is permeable which will held speed up drying.